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Make a last will and testament don't leave family in chaos Call

When a person passes away the family is left to sort out property locate accounts and passwords.

Call a local St Lucie Fort Pierce lawyer 772-242-3388 and set a meeting; prepare for it by following this outline:

Take Inventory of Assets

Debts and Obligations
For each of the following items, identify to whom the debt is owed; name, address and number of the account; amount of debt outstanding; and the repayment schedule.

Identify Your Beneficiaries
Make a list of all of your close family members and friends whom you want to remember in your plans. List any charitable organizations you want to benefit after your lifetime as well.

If you are interested in supporting a charitable organization, contact me for information about it. We can help you find the gift that matches your goals.

Name an Administrator/Executor
This person (or entity) shall:

Your executor should be someone you trust—someone who can handle business matters and someone who will also be sensitive to the needs and desires of you and your family.

Ask About These Important Documents
When you meet with your attorney, ask about these five documents:

It's too late when you die. Call and make a will.

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