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Florida Worker's Compensation

If you are an hourly wage employee in Florida who was hurt on the job then pay attention because you need help. Always report your injury to your supervisor. It's your duty to tell the boss you need to see a doctor. Likewise it's the boss's duty to report your injury to his supervisor. Your worker's comp claim begins when you report the injury to your boss. It is intimidating for the average worker in our economy to report a job injury. Sometimes the injury is so severe the report of injury does not become an issue. When you report the injury tell the boss where and when it occurred. This begins your claim. If you are having a problem reporting your injury contact we help injured workers.

Maritime Workers Have The Jones Act and Federal Maritime Law

Maritime crew of ships boats oil rigs towboats and barges should not accept Florida worker's compensation insurance benefits. If you accept these state workers compensation benefits you may lose your valuable maritime law and federal benefits. You will lose pain and suffering damages and the right to choose your own doctor. A right you do not have under Florida Worker's Compensation.

Do Not Hide Your Injury

Always report your on the job injury because the captain or supervisor expects you to report it. It is their duty to report it to the company. When you report it insist on seeing a doctor. Go get medical care. Do not hide your injury and do not work injured. You can get fired for working injured. Report your injury to a supervisor or captain.

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