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Attorney Griffin Working For Injured Workers
Florida Workers' Compensation

If you are an hourly wage employee in Florida who was hurt on the job then pay attention because you need help. Report your injury to your supervisor. Tell the boss you need to see a doctor. Accepting reports of injury is one of their duties. They must accept your verbal report of injury. Don't feel guilty. When you report the injury tell the boss where and when it occurred. This begins your claim. If you get ignored call the company office and report the injury over the phone.My name is John Kevin Griffin.

Federal Maritime law and Jones Act for Blue Water Seaman and Towboat Crew

Maritime crew of ships boats and oil rigs should not accept state workers compensation insurance benefits. If you accept these state workers compensation benefits you may lose through waiver your federal maritime law benefits including pain and suffering damages and the right to choose your own doctor under the federal laws. You don't have that right in state workers' compensation schemes.

Report Injury to Work Supervisor

Always report your injury immediately don't wait because the captain or supervisor expects you to report on the job injury to them. It is their duty to report it to the company. When you report it insist on seeing a doctor immediately. Go get medical care. Do not hide your injury and do not work injured. You can get fired for working injured. Report your injury to a supervisor or captain.

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