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Attorney Contingency Fee Explained

Personal Injury Cases

Car accident, truck accident, boat accident, slip and fall accident, maritime work accidents, passenger accidents and aviation accidents are all personal injury cases. For these cases we set our contingency fees at 1/3 of the settlement amount if the case settles without filing a law suit and if filed the case settles before an answer is filed. If our client authorizes a law suit we file it. If the defendant files an answer our fee may increase increase to as high as 40% of the gross settlement or judgment. This depends upon the difficulty of proving up the claim at trial which we can evaluate with the pre-suit investigation. For more information on Contingency fees Go to Contingency fee retainer agreement information

Car Accidents

Pain and suffering damages in a Florida car accident case are collectible only if the jury finds you incurred a permanent injury from the accident. We take your doctors sworn deposition during litigation and ask whether the doctor has an opinion that you received a permanent injury within a reasonable degree of medical probability. If the doctor says yes then the jury can award you all of your damages. If the doctor says you didn't suffer a permanent injury then the jury can only award you damages for out of pocket expenses, medical bills, loss of income and property damage.

Slip and Fall

There are three elements we must find in each client's case before we can accept it. First there must be liability; Second is a permanent injury; and third is insurance coverage available to cover your damages and our attorney fee and costs. We evaluate your case in light of these three. Sometimes we cannot determine if an element is missing from the information provided in the consultation so we may choose to investigate further before accepting or rejecting a client's case

Insurance Claim and Settlement

The very first thing we do is examine your medical records, obtain driving records, witness statements, and photos, to present to insurance company. and other evidence to present first to the insurance company to prepare your case. We use this information to negotiate with the insurance company for settlement. If the insurance company refuses to be fair then we ask you for permission to file a civil jury trial law suit.

Wrongful Death

A wrongful death is an accidental death that occurs when the negligent conduct of a person or corporation causes another person to experience personal injury which leads to premature death. If you suspect the premature death of your loved one was caused by negligence contact us.


The Florida Supreme Court estimates a law suit should take no more than 18 months from filing of the complaint to the verdict. Realistically though, some cases settle within 12 months and some last several years. It all depends upon discovery and court scheduling. Our preference is to keep it under two years. If we can settle it for a fair amount and the client agrees then it takes much less time. We note however, these hasty settlements are almost never fair to you.

Jury Trial

The jury trial is the finale of litigation. The jury has 6 members who decide how much money to award you for your injury. This occurs after the jury observes the formal introduction of your evidence into your case and the defense raised by the defendant. When the jury decides the case they fill out a verdict form. The jury verdict is read out loud and if they find for you their duty is done. After the jury is dismissed the judge will make off-sets to award amount based upon the percentage of fault if any the jury assigned to you. The judge also reduces the jury award if insurance paid a portion of your medical bills.

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