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Regrettably cruise line passenger injury occurs while aboard the cruise ship. If this has happened to you or someone in your family we can help settle your claim wherever you live. With a client's consent we communicate via email and or text messaging.

What should I do if injured aboard a cruise ship

The first thing you should do is is get medical care from the ship's doctor. If your statement is taken and you sign it make sure you get a copy of that document. It will be important later. Then you should contact us and attorney John Kevin Griffin will speak with you and communicate via the internet or text message.

Passenger ticket

In exchange for the passenger paying the cost of the cruise, the cruise line issues the passenger a ticket for the cruise. The ticket is a contract between the passenger and the cruise line. Unfortunately, the ticket generally contains many harsh conditions that benefit the cruise line and severely limits the passenger's rights.

The court where your claim will be made is already designated on your passenger ticket. All cruise lines operating out of Florida set that jurisdiction and venue in Federal Court in the Southern District of Florida in Miami.

How can you help me if I live in a state other than Florida?

All of our passenger clients reside in states other than Florida but our communication is as efficient and timely as if you resided here in South Florida. We use E-mail and text messaging as our primary means of client communication.

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