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At Griffin Treasure Coast Law we represent our personal injury clients on a contingent fee agreement. Our attorney fee is contingent upon the recovery of money for our client. Insurance companies in every case pay the settlement or judgment money. Our fee is a percentage of that settlement money or the judgment money. If we don't reach a settlment or win a judgment for the client then the client owes us nothing. We have to either settle the case or win a judgment for the client in order to get paid and reimbursed for advancing costs and expenses of the case.

The client reimburses the attorney for advances of payment of case costs and expenses. These advances cover all costs associated with the case. Reimbursement of costs and expenses is separate from payment of attorney fees.

At Griffin Treasure Coast Law we follow the Florida Bar rules governing contingency fees that is (33 1/3%) of the total recovery if the case settles before a written answer to a law suit. The contingency fee increases to 40% if the defendant files that written answer. If the case goes to trial and a final judgment entered and an appeal is filed the contingency fee increases 5% to defend or prosecute the the appeal.

Florida sliding scale for attorney fees in personal injury and accidental death cases is geared to the amount of the recovery. These amounts are the maximum fees which may be charged without permission of the trial judge.

The client's bottom line at the end of the case is how much of the settlement goes into the client's pocket. Advanced case costs and expenses paid by the attorney are reimbursed so too are unpaid medical bills and insurance liens.

A lawyer who recovers a much larger recovery benefits his client as well as himself under a contingent fee. For example, if a lawyer charged a 40% contingent fee and recovers one million dollars from the defendant, his client's percentage share or 60% is $600,000 less the outstanding medical bills, insurance reimbursement (subrogation) and the advanced costs/expenses paid by the lawyer. The lawyer receives a fee of $400,000.00 and is reimbursed by the client for the money the lawyer paid out in advance for case costs/expenses.

Without a contingent fee contract people would not be able to pay an attorney to represent their interest in a personal injury case.

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