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Contingency Fee Percentages

If the personal injury case settles before a written answer by the defendant to the complaint the attorney fee is limited to 1/3 or (33 1/3%) of the recovery amount. The contingency fee may increase to a high of 40 percent 40% if the defendant answers the complaint. Then again the contingent fee may increase another 5 percent 5% if the case goes up on appeal.

Florida has a sliding scale for contingent fees in personal injury cases geared to the amount of the recovery made. These are the maximum fees that may be charged unless the court approves an increase amount.

The bottom line at the end of the case is how much of the settlement the client keeps. This is the number the client must know to propose a number in negotiations to settle or in trial to ask the jury.

A lawyer who recovers a much larger amount of money benefits his client as well as himself in contingent fee cases. For example, if a lawyer charged a 40% contingent fee and recovers one million dollars from the defendant total, his client's percentage share or 60% is $600,000. The lawyer receives the agreed upon percentage of 40 percent or $400,000.00 right in this case. After expenses are reimbursed to the lawywer what's in the clients pocket becomes the net settlement.

Without the contingent fee contract ordinary people would not be able to get close to a fair insurance settlement. The trial attorney who represents the plaintiff would not take a contingency case without a chance of obtaining a percentage of the personal injury damages.

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