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Boat Accident St Lucie Fort Pierce?

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Personal Injury Case Flow

1. Investigation

Obtain accident reports

Scene photographs

Ambulance EMS report

Obtain medical records and patient ledger

X-rays and MRI digital files

Identify Witnesses

2. Evidence Gathering

Insurance policies

Wage and earnings

Family history

Expense and out-of-pocket

Personal day in a life video

3. Injury Claim

Insurance negotiation to settle claim

Jury trial law suit filed only if necessary

Legal discovery and depositions

Motions and hearings

Mediation settlement conference

Jury trial verdict or settlement

Why My Client Deserves Money Damages

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury we are gathered in this courtroom to dispense justice to right a wrong to give money damages to make up for the harm and misery the pain and suffering and the life long physical impairment visited upon the plaintiff by this defendant's negligence.

The law allows the plaintiff one time to ask you for money damages. This is that time. The law and evidence in this case authorizes you to put down on your verdict form money damages as a substitute for the harm and misery pain suffering and physical impairment caused by this defendant's negligence.

The law and evidence of this case allows money damages of $______________________________.

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Accidental Death

An accidental death is a wrongful death that occurs when negligence of someone or a corporation causes a personal injury which leads to prematu re death. If you suspect the premature death of your loved one was caused by negligence contact us.

The Florida statute of limitation for a wrongful death is 2 years. This means if 2 years passes and you have not pursued the negligent party in court you waive the right to recover your damages. Call if you need an explanation or to discuss your options.

Boating Negligence and debt owed

A Boat owner and or operator's negligence may result in harm to the passengers and to loved ones. An operator of a boat who disregards boating safety and the boating rules is negligent. If you were harmed by someone's negligence on the water this establishes a debt for the harm caused by that negligent operator. The Griffin Law mission is to pursue with vigor these money damages owed to you.

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