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Introduction to an Aviation Accident Lawyer

My name is John Kevin Griffin. I am a lawyer who represents people injured in an aviation accidents. If you or a loved one were injured in an aviation crash contact me for a free consult. I am confident we can discuss your case in a calm and caring way to allay your fears and answer your questions. Call 772-242-3388.

Independent Crash Investigation

An independent Crash investigation into the cause of a crash like the one described further down this web page accomplishes three goals; first it allows us to gather evidence and test the evidence to determine the actual cause of the crash, second, it informs the responsible aviation agencies NTSB and FAA, and third, it provides an opportunity for the at fault corporation and manufacturer, owner operator or aircraft dealer to take responsibility for the crash. All of the aviation crash cases in my career have resolved in money damage settlements and all were approved by our clients. Call

Naval Aviation Flight Maintenance and Safety

In the United States Marine Corps I was known as J.K. Griffin squadron pilot. A naval aviator. One of my first collateral duties as a Marine Corps pilot was in the maintenance department. I had the good fortune to be surrounded by highly intelligent and qualified people many of whom are in the aviation industry today. In the midst of these marine aviation maintenance crews I learned a timeless aviation principle; safety is paramount.

Safety is Paramount

Experience shows somewhere in every crash this safety principle is violated. Even in the explosion of the space shuttle safety was compromised when a solid fuel rocket o-ring failed. When an aircraft crashes 100% of the time the cause of the crash is negligence. 99% of that negligence is either maintenance mistakes or manufacturing defects. The other 1% is operational breakdown whether in security or flight operations; although pilot error is extremely rare as the real cause of a crash pilot error is included in the flight operations category. In every crash someone involved with this aircraft did something wrong. It could be in the manufacturing process, or a part or system installed incorrectly. A catastrophic failure of dynamic component can be traced to the cause. Our investigation of the crash is focused on findng the cause of the crash. I may accept the NTSB investigators version of the crash if it comports with our findings otherwise I'm digging and asking the manufacturer and owner operator of the aircraft questions.

Should I give a recorded statement?

No, a request to take your recorded statement may come from an insurance company investigator, aircraft manufacturer investigator, or a government investigator. None these parties have your best interest at heart. More importantly, You have a right to privacy and understandably should have legal counsel by your side. Wthout the presence of your attorney who understands aviation crash cases you are just like a lamb among a pack of wolves. They try to get you to jeopardise your claim by going on the record. Don't do it. A simple reply of no comment is practical and appropriate. Call us for advice.

Should I sign documents if I'm asked ?

Don't do it. Do not sign any documents even documents presented by various government agencies without your legal counsel's advice because these documents like the recorded statement may compromise your legal claim for damages and consequently this innocent statement may become very important later on in your claim.

Why should I choose you?

Because I know what you need and really do care that you get what you need. I understand the relentless grief that accompanies these tragic events. I understand this unpleasant aspect of aviation and how to bring you a bit of closure however slight it may be. When the time comes to point to a cause of the crash we will be confident in our conclusion. Also know that this is a family business dedicated to help families like yours right now.


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How can you help me if I live in another state or city?

We will travel to you wherever you are in the United States. We will travel to the crash site. This representation is hands on every step of the way.

How are your legal fees paid?

We charge a 'contingent fee' which is a percentage of the total amount of money damages we recover for you. We advance costs to investigate and prosecute the defendant or defendants in state or federal court. We are reimbursed these advanced costs by you either directly as costs become due or we are reimbursed by you from the settlement funds we recover for you. If we don't recover money damages you owe us nothing.

Find the Cause of the Aviation Crash

It is our job to find the cause of the crash for you. If an engine breaks or a wing fails in flight we find out why it failed. For example: In the case of an Air Tractor AT 400A crop duster a wing failed in flight. It folded up. During our investigation this Air Tractor crop duster crash near St. Augustine, Florida we found the aircraft rolled up in a potato row. The skilled and experienced pilot heard a bang as the right wing folded up just as he set wings level 60 feet above the potato field. The turbo-prop modified AT-400A with 350 gallon hopper of chemical behind the prop slid in the potato row. The pilot survived with injuries. If he had been at a higher altitude this would have been a fatal crash. Reading through the federal government crash reports of Air Tractor crop dusters there were fatalities.


Right lower wing spar failed at the splice block attach point

Splice blocks attached the two wings together and attach the wings to the fuselage.In this Air Tractor crash the factory modified splice blocks were sold in a kit for installation on high time aircraft. The spar failed where these were installed with less than a tenth of the extended hour time on the wings expended. The replacement splice blocks had one more bolt hole than the original splice blocks. The useful life of the wings on these and similar Air Tractor models were running out. With aircraft down for maintenance crops don't get sprayed. Since the replacement splice block had an additional bolt hole the high time wing spar was drilled to accommodate the extra bolt.

Metalugry reveals the folly of the quick fix

The new high time wing spar extension scheme obviously had flawed failure analysis prior to deployment. Instead of grounding these airplanes at 5,000 hours for a new wing assembly (lower spar) for fear of a wing failure in flight Air Tractor the manufacturer already with the numbers in hand came up with a scheme consisting of the replacement rework kit and instructions and engineering reports. instructions to extend the useful life of these airplanes to 10,000 hours of flight. It didn't work. This crop duster crashed when the wing folded in flight. Post crash metalurgy failure analysis revealed by the most competent of aviation metalurgist professional in the world showed the added hole in the new designed splice blocks was too much for the stress ridden original wing spar. The metalurgist experienced in naval aircraft crash investigations conclusively determined using scientific methodology and best practices of metalurgy that metal fatigue of the lower wing spar at the splice block attach point on the spar caused the wing to fail in flight.


Law suit filed against Air Tractor and its Dealership SouthEastern Crop Service

A crop duster airplane dealer sold a used Air Tractor AT400A crop duster to our client. It crashed. We filed a products liability suit against the manufacturer Air Tractor and a breach of contract claim against the Dealer. With the evidence uncovered by our independent investigation the dealer agreed to settle having breached the implied warranty the plane was fit for its intended purpose (crop dusting). The manufacturer on the other hand escaped liability on a tort reform technicality. Unlike an airliner passenger or cargo aircraft the federal law scheme known as GARA classifies crop dusters as a general aviation aircraft just like civilian piper or a cessna aircraft. The General Aviation Revitalization Act statute gave the manufacturer here a waiver just like a statute of limitation expired for a defective product. The Air Tractor crop duster was more than 7 years old thus the law gave the manufacturer tort immunity. The Air Tractor defective product is a wing splice block kit that was supposed to extend the useful life of the wing up to 10,000 hours of flight but in fact it weakend it causing it to break in flight.

The Crop Duster Crash by John Kevin Griffin. June 5, 2016


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