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Trump's New VA Appeal Procedure RAMP

Don't switch a filed appeal to Trump's procedure because it will take you out of the appeal line and right to have a panel of federal circuit court appellate judges decide your claim. Patience grasshopper call your lawyer

RAMP runs through the implementation of Trump's 2017 Appeals Modernization Act which passed in August.

  • It has Trump's so called Higher-Level of VA Review
    • A VA reviewer will conduct a “new,” review of the previous decision based on the evidence of record.
    • Reviewers can overturn previous decisions. No guarantees
    • You may not submit new evidence but you cannot get back into the appeal line.
    • An informal VA conference is available. However, requesting an informal conference may cause some delay in the processing of a higher-level review.
  • Supplemental Claim Lane
    • You may submit new evidence to support your claim.
    • VA will help you develop evidence in support of your claim. Grifin says, VA always had this duty to develop evidence

To learn more about the Trump VA new appeals process, visit

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